Solar Data Warehouse

is an engineering company providing statistical analyses of historical and near-real time solar radiation data from thousands of U.S. ground stations. Our hourly and daily datasets provide excellent converage for the continental United States.  Satellite and modeled data perform well on monthly and yearly averages, but daily and hourly ground-based data are generally more accurate when nearby sites are available.

Data Analysis

Daily and Hourly

data is measured from approximately 5000 U.S. stations and has around half the error of satellite and modeled data. Data includes basic weather parameters and multiple layers of quality control.  We also have sub-hourly data from about 1000 sites.

Solar Forecasting

Proprietary Models

predict solar radiation for a specific area based on discovered climate patterns, NOAA weather forecasts, live hourly data, and other factors. The models adapt and learn in near real time. Our unique advantage is a high-quality hourly radiation dataset covering the U.S.

Monthly Atlas

Contour Images

showing daily averages of global radiation for the U.S. are displayed in a free slideshow. Check it out! There is a high-quality version of our atlas available in Photon Magazine.
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